Hello viewers! So, today I am sharing another very sad video. Its about this young couple who are truly in love. comment, share, and like!


The Pop Tart Tragedy

Hello viewers! So, yesterday you all saw a very educational video of Spiders On Drugs, and that was a success I believe. So, today I decided to share with you a very depressing video. Share, comment, and like if u cri evr tim…

(If I happen to share a video that has already been shared by another self-being, my deepest apologies!)

Spiders On Drugs

Hello Viewers! So, today I have a very educational video on wood spiders. Now these spiders are given a variety of psychoactive drugs. Now things start to go a little crazy once the crack cocaine spider comes in. There are three swear words in this but at the end. However, This video is still very educational, and I think knowing this could save your life someday. So please watch, comment, like, share, and enjoy this video!

The Italian Man Who Went To Malta.

Hello Viewers!
First I would like to explain the reason why I uploaded this video. It is because this can happen and it probably already has. Some people have these huge Dialects and sometimes you dont know if what they are saying is actually what they are saying. So, its a lesson in a way. So even if it does have a couple of swear words I think its still appropriate for school considering its a lesson learned. Now, Watch the video. Enjoy!