Hello! So, today I have a nice fail. He does swear at the beginning though. After he drops the f bomb he says something about his band syskill than catches ice enjoy!


The Pop Tart Tragedy

Hello viewers! So, yesterday you all saw a very educational video of Spiders On Drugs, and that was a success I believe. So, today I decided to share with you a very depressing video. Share, comment, and like if u cri evr tim…

(If I happen to share a video that has already been shared by another self-being, my deepest apologies!)

Spiders On Drugs

Hello Viewers! So, today I have a very educational video on wood spiders. Now these spiders are given a variety of psychoactive drugs. Now things start to go a little crazy once the crack cocaine spider comes in. There are three swear words in this but at the end. However, This video is still very educational, and I think knowing this could save your life someday. So please watch, comment, like, share, and enjoy this video!