Raining Food

Hello, viewers! Today I bring you a video thats blowing up the internet right now which is called raining food! This video went viral hitting 2.5 million in a week which is crazy. Anyways, this was made by Steve Kardynal and he’s really popular for his songs in real life series which I cannot post since they’re inappropriate I cannot post them sadly. Enjoy, Raining food!



Hello viewers! So, today I decided to upload this video to show that not all goats are nice. In fact goats can be some pro kick boxers, like baby goat buttermilk in the video. What this video is about is that this baby goat named Buttermilk is so called playing with her friends, when she’s actually just straight up pushing them on the ground. I call this goat fight club. Enjoy.

Gimme Pizza

Hello viewers! So, today I found a video thats kind of creepy. This video is supposed some kind of happy commercial about pizza, and I must say the original is pretty funny. However, the video im sharing is the same as the original but the guy who uploaded decided to slow it down, and it sounds pretty scary in slow motion. Enjoy!

Being bored

Hello viewers! So, yesterday I got really bored of playing Xbox so I got offline and went outside. After that I was still bored and hungry. So, while I was cooking up a pizza I was watching random videos on youtube and came across a very cool tongue twisting rap. The lyrics are all on the screen and I believe he swears about three times in this but you cant really hear it considering how fast he raps. Anyways i thought it was really cool so yeah. Enjoy!

Holy Crap its a BIGFOOT

Hello viewers! So today I posted a video from my favorite Youtube series, Big foot sightings!
Also, these are the very first videos I have ever seen on youtube. It started of one day on a warm spring evening when I went to my friend’s house, and when I went there we were just going down a list of random video’s when we stumbled upon ButchyKidFilms. Now i’m not going to explain everything but this video has most of the swearing cut off theres only one part at around 1;13 where he says the S-word. the rest of the words he doesn’t go all the way with it so don’t worry. Enjoy!