Hello viewers! So, Im pretty sure we all know by now that some Japanese commercials are very weird. Now this video is just an ad for noodles but the man says men in it instead of noodles. Now men means noodles in Japanese, and thats what this commercial is about, Men! So watch the video and enjoy!


Jimmy Nutrin’s funeral

Hello viewers! So last week, most of you saw my video that I shared of Jimmy Nutrin. So, if you didn’t see the video from last week, I suggest you should go check it out before this one so you can at least know how he died. Continuing on to this post now. So, the pizza really was aggressive! It killed Jimmy and his dad. This video is just a very sad video, one that can make you cry! Also their is no swearing, I checked. Last but not least, you will see references of jokes on gravestones and such, so make sure you look out for them. Enjoy!

Jimmy Nutrin

Hello viewers! Today I have A video of Jimmy Nutrin. Jimmy Nutrin is the new Jimmy Neutron! This video is inspired off a dream the creator had of Jimmy Neutron. This story is very depressing to be honest, Its kind of hard to sleep at night after you watch this. Also, it might just be kind of a confusing/creepy video to some viewer’s. Anyways, enjoy!

New seat

What’s up viewers? Im at A new seat since everyone keeps taking my seat wherever I sit. Why is this? No clue, people just think that they can sit in my desk without asking, like are you serious. Anyways, I don’t really have anything to post about besides that Ryan is a desk hog. So click here for something very interesting. Also This week has gone so fast, I cant believe its already thursday! and today were going to body worlds for our field trip, and don’t come back till 2:00. So good bye to all the people reading this.

Ice jj fish

So, the other day i was scrolling through some of the most popular videos on youtube and saw something I just couldn’t understand, literally! So this video is a song or something created by this rapper who calls himself IcejjFish. Apparently, most of his music videos are starting to go viral, such as the one that I’m posting right now. This video has 13 million views! Anyways, enjoy the video. Skip to 15 seconds.

Kellen loses a 1v1 against me

Its was SWADGEMASTER vs Yopapa67. So I was going against Kellen in a one on one random battle on Pokemon showdown and won! Now I didn’t exactly kill all his pokemon, instead he was down to his last one and he than rage quit my game, and just in case he tries to deny it, I have the replay. So Kellen shouldn’t deny that he got wrecked by me in pokemon. Click the title  “Kellen loses a 1v1 against me” to watch the replay.

Stolen post

So Richie stole my video i was gonna talk about but i guess thats because i wasn’t here on time. Anyways the video Richie shared on his blog is a video I showed him and everyone on xbox yesterday morning. He was calling it stupid yesterday too while everyone else was laughing at it. So I cant really say anything else considering I came late to school and couldn’t post it first. I still feel like Richie stole my post and took all the credit for it even though i was the one who showed everyone the first a day earlier, But whatever I guess.