Yesterday, when I came home from school I immediately went to my room and went on netflix to watch Breaking Bad. 

After i watched one episode, I felt so tired and i eventually passed out. I then woke up and I thought it was like 4ish in the morning so I went back to sleep. I was than woken up at 9:00 p.m. being told that my aunt thought I was dead or something like that. I was just so hungry at that point I just ran down the stair and made a nice looking burrito ate it than I could not fall asleep. So i just watched breaking bad till about 4:12 a.m. than i passed out. Now here i am at school :}



Yesterday i got home from school and made a sandwich, and served myself a glass of milk. I then went upstairs to my room to play Xbox. Than at 7:30 i got off my Xbox and took a shower. After my shower i had some enchiladas that my grandmother made and those were really good. And than it was time for me to go catch up on Breaking Bad on Netflix until i fell asleep.