Assignment 4: Suspense

Watch this. Very suspenseful, and great ending.

JK's Visual Storytelling

A young woman enjoys her usual breakfast routine when she has an unexpected visitor arrive.  She investigates, only to discover a secret hidden away in the depths of her own backyard.


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Here are some beautiful elegant Gourds. They are so wonderful and beautiful, and they are all one of a kind. They all come in different shapes colors and textures.

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life


I love their shapes, textures, colors. They aren’t edible and are grown entirely as decorations.


I find them weird and wonderful, beautiful in a strange, gaudy way.  I love having baskets of them around the house from Halloween through Thanksgiving.


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Malk, Melk, Milk

Im reblogging this video, because its the funniest youtube video i have ever seen. Its three guys arguing about the way they each pronounce the word milk. Please watch and enjoy.

This video is about other ways people say (milk). This video is made by Julian Smith and other people, but there is a guy who says (milk), another person who says (malk), and another person who says (melk). When they are saying all this after it all it turns into them just thinking about it while talking on the phone. While they were talking Julian Smith is cooking something that I can’t tell you about it is a surprise. Then that is the end so enjoy the video. Thanks for reading.

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4 wins 1 loss

My team the St Francis warriors, are going 4-1 We beat the East Troy Titans, The cudahy Bulldogs, The hamilton jr wildcats, And the Greenfield jr hawks, Only losing one game to the whitnall Falcons which was a very close game. Next week were going against the brown deer falcons, and if we win we will get into the semi finals against whoever has the same score as us, and if we win we’ll be playing against the team who has the same score as us in a super bowl kind of thing. Which is really cool if we do, because the last St Francis warriors team that made it to the super bowl thing was about 12 years ago. So we’ll be making history for our team and we’ll be the #1 Youth football team in the whole division! Wish us luck on our next game! Also if you would like to come see us play against Brown deer this weekend it is going to be a home game at St Francis High school.

Location-4225 S Lake Dr, St Francis, WI 53235 east lunham ave.

When- Saturday october 12th 8:45 am sharp.

R.I.P Tom Clancy

American Author Tom Clancy died wednesday, October 1st. Tom Clancy writer of espionage and military science thrillers has died. He was 66 years old, But books were not the only thing he made. He also made video games that my friends and i grew up playing such as All the splinter cell series, the rainbow six series, The Tom clancy hawx Series, The ghost Recon Series, and a bunch more. They are all very great games, very thrilling, exciting, and fun to play. His last game was splinter cell blacklist which came out on August 20th 2013. Im pretty sad about how there might not be anymore of his games, Maybe there was a game being produced and we wont know till E3 or when its annouced who knows? Rest in peace Tom Clancy, Thank you for the Great Video games.