The other’s vision.

Have you’ve ever wondered What the other person sees in they’re eyes? Like your blue could be my red or your number five could look like my number six in my eyes, Everyone could have they’re own shade of color that they only see in their eyes only. just really think into it, We don’t know what other people smell we don’t know how other people taste and we don’t know if they see things differently.


Football practice

After football yesterday i feel like i tore my quadriceps even more and i think i fractured my finger or something, because i cant even make a fist or it hurts. But some of our teamates need to start paying attention on the side line and stop talking so people can hear they’re plays,Than they wonder why they dont get called in like are you serious? The coaches made us run twice as much yesterday because alot of people were either slacking not paying attention and or not trying or giving it they’re fullest. But we Beat the East Troy Titans 34-6 Good game, Cudahy’s next, hopefully my fingers and leg feel better before the game so i can go try hard. Wish us luck! Go warriors!